Monday, January 28, 2013

Today and Tomorrow

The sense of history and remembrance that is encapsulated in old cemeteries intrigues me.  When visiting the cemetery in Assisi, I was impressed by how much artwork was incorporated into the graves and how many fresh flowers there were--the scent actually wafted through the air.  It was a beautiful place, full of memory, where people paid tribute to those who had gone before them.  

The quiet splendor of this remembrance is referenced in this piece utilizing an image of a side window of a small mausoleum, with fresh flowers inside, and layered with a sculpted figure of a woman above a grave. 

This piece is part of my Thin Places body of work that I created after an artist residency in Assisi, Italy.

Size (h x w) 24" x 16"
Medium: Original digital photography on aluminum

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