Monday, December 2, 2013


"Community" is a kinetic sculpture that I designed for the McKinley Manor neighborhood. It is part of a neighborhood revitalization project organized by Community Building Partnership to help build neighborhood identity and pride.

After speaking with residents, I came up with this kinetic sculpture design to help capture the identity of this neighborhood. The sculpture is intended to represent flight/abstractions of airplanes, since this neighborhood used to be the site of the first local airport in Canton.  It is also meant to reflect community, with the arms open wide, moving and interacting with each other (as wind currents move them on the Timken bearings.) Special thanks to the Timken Company, Beaver Excavating, Canton Erectors, Morris Bros. Scrap Metals, Ernies Bike Shop, Aaron Brown, Doug Gialluca, and the students at Madge Youtz Elementary School for helping make this a reality!

This sculpture, dedicated on November 15, 2013, is located at Madge Youtz Elementary School, 1901 Midway Ave. NE, Canton OH 44705.

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