Monday, January 28, 2013

Today and Tomorrow

The sense of history and remembrance that is encapsulated in old cemeteries intrigues me.  When visiting the cemetery in Assisi, I was impressed by how much artwork was incorporated into the graves and how many fresh flowers there were--the scent actually wafted through the air.  It was a beautiful place, full of memory, where people paid tribute to those who had gone before them.  

The quiet splendor of this remembrance is referenced in this piece utilizing an image of a side window of a small mausoleum, with fresh flowers inside, and layered with a sculpted figure of a woman above a grave. 

This piece is part of my Thin Places body of work that I created after an artist residency in Assisi, Italy.

Size (h x w) 24" x 16"
Medium: Original digital photography on aluminum

Friday, January 25, 2013


This piece features the Oratorio dei Pellegrini or the Pilgrim’s Oratory located in Assisi, Italy.  It has historically “offered rest and restoration to pilgrims,” as one pamphlet says.   Although I never had a chance to enter this place of prayer/worship while in Assisi, I kept circling back to it, admiring the exterior frescoes and slyly peeking through the thick glass doors from behind the velvet curtains.  It was always locked.  I took this shot from across the street.  It is my reflection in the glass doors--the reflection of a pilgrim.  It seemed fitting to combine this photo with one that showcased Assisi, the place of the pilgrimage to explore thin places.  

Pilgrim is part of my Thin Places body of work.

Size: (h x w) 20" x 16" framed
Medium: original digital photograph

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Passage was created from two viewpoints that shaped my time in Assisi and my perception of thin places.  The first is of an archway that opens up to reveal a stunning view of the countryside.  The first time I came upon this place, it was such a delight to see the hazy blues and greens of the countryside in a break between the pale medieval stone walls!  

The second image is of the window in my room at the Arte Studio Ginestrelle.  When not out wandering the town and countryside, I spent a fair bit of time in this room researching and looking out the window reflecting.  This view offered me a place where I would get lost in thought and it inspired me.

These images capture the thrill of discovery and the significance of contemplation. 

This piece is part of my Thin Places body of work, created after an artist residency in Assisi, Italy last year.

If you have a minute, please read the view the review of my latest Thin Places exhibit!

Size: (h x w) 20" x 12"
Media: Original digital photography on canvas