Monday, May 4, 2009


Eternal was created from an image that I took of a crumbling old bridge while on a hike at the Gethsemane Monastery in Kentucky. I was particularly drawn to the overgrown setting in which it sat, seemingly forgotten. There is a companion piece, Simultaneous, that features the other side of the bridge. A sheer overlay of trees from the Genessee Monastery was integrated to give the dimension of time and space. A Chi- Rho symbol or Christogram is incised into the stone of the bridge. This symbol was used long ago and incorporated the first two Greek letters of Christ's name.

This piece was exhibited at Malone University in 2009 and was shown in my two-person show, entitled Sheer Obscurity, at The Little Art Gallery in North Canton, OH.

Size: (h x w) 14" x 11"
Media: Fibers

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