Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Looming was created from a photograph I had taken in Bahrain, looking west over the gulf toward a beautiful sunset over Saudi Arabia. Despite the political turmoil in the region at the time, there was such a sense of peace in that view, in that moment, out on a dock with my son.

In general, I tend to view sunsets as a bookend to the day. They loom at the end of daylight and signal a sense of closure, marking an end. I chose to juxtapose this beautiful sunset with an image of a barren tree branch with vultures subtly flying amongst the branches. This was not intended to be morbid, rather it was a visual exploration of the idea that The End of one's journey may very well be brimming with beauty, just like the sunset.

The tree branch photo was taken at the Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania. The photograph of the vultures was taken at a lake near Hocking Hills, Ohio.

This piece was part of my solo show entitled NEXT at the Massillon Museum in 2008-9.

Size: 12" x 12"
Media: Fibers

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