Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming soon!

Here is the mock up of the Summit neighborhood mural design that I will finally be starting when the weather breaks and the final seal is completed on the wall. The wall is 150 feet x 7 feet located on 10th street and Fulton Ave, by the Arts Academy at Summit. I will have help from the residents in the neighborhood and students from the Arts Academy at Summit--as well as any friends who feel like coming out and painting with me!

After discussions with different residents, I came up with this design that visually shows the concepts of transformation and renaissance that came up so frequently.

The design is a transition from macro to micro. The street grid of the neighborhood transforms into the houses of the community, which then transforms into the individual people that flourish with the arts.

I hope to start by the second week of May and finish by the end of June.

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